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Theresa Anesah 08:59 AM

Happy Sunday everyone

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Theresa Anesah 09:03 AM

I am expectant for a word from the Lord today

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Katrin Koch 09:03 AM

Guten Morgen ☀️, Ihr Lieben!

Marcus Bliese 09:04 AM


Tejas Kumar 09:05 AM

I know this guy

Theresa Anesah 09:06 AM
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Tejas Kumar 09:08 AM

We are here for JESUS!!!!!

Theresa Anesah 09:09 AM

@Tejas yes!

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ogunreku praise 09:08 AM
Tejas Kumar 09:09 AM

We welcome (you with) Praise!!!!!

ogunreku praise 09:09 AM

Good Morning Church 😊

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Daniel Wiens 09:11 AM

Good morning, everybody. Let´s embrace some heat today ...

Tejas Kumar 09:12 AM


Daniel Wiens 09:12 AM
Theresa Anesah 09:13 AM

who sang that song?

Tejas Kumar 09:14 AM

@Theresa it was me

Diazno 09:16 AM

@Theresa It's by Jenn Johnson of Bethel music. It's on the new album

Theresa Anesah 09:16 AM

@Tejas lol.

Theresa Anesah 09:16 AM

@Diazno thanks dear

Diazno 09:16 AM

@Theresa You're welcome

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Tori-Anna Hamilton 09:13 AM

Good Morning everyone!

Theresa Anesah 09:19 AM

@Tori-Anna Morning Tori

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Kat and Luke 09:18 AM

We hope everyone is having a lovely morning melting in the heat, but basking in the Lord's love.

Tejas Kumar 09:18 AM

WHY IS IT SO HOT dear Jesus please make things the perfect temperature AMEN

Theresa Anesah 09:19 AM
Theresa Anesah 09:20 AM


Theresa Anesah 09:20 AM

Breakthrough is coming

Theresa Anesah 09:21 AM

I see a miracle

Theresa Anesah 09:21 AM

Glory to God

Daniel Wiens 09:23 AM

Well said, Tony - clear and encouraging!

Theresa Anesah 09:25 AM
Theresa Anesah 09:36 AM
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Theresa Anesah 09:57 AM

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Wishing you all a great week ahead. Love you all

Theresa Anesah 10:03 AM
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Tejas Kumar 09:07 AM

Great service!

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