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The Anchored Life


So many people start out the year with plans and goals for a better year. What if the best way to transform your year was different than you think? What if there was a secret to strength and success in all areas of life?

Join with millions of other people who have found the life-changing power of the most widely read book in human history: The Bible. At Saddleback Church we’d love to have you experience the Bible with us as it was intended to be read. Join us for an eight-week journey that is sure to change your life!

The Anchored Life Challenge
  1. Journey through the New Testament with us in eight weeks.

  2. Join or host a Bible Book Club throughout The Anchored Life series.


The Anchored Life Challenge

At Saddleback Church, we’d love for you to experience the life transforming power of the Bible together with us. Join us for the Anchored Life Challenge and begin reading the New Testament in a Bible Book Club/Small Group.

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